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A personal branding strategist who loves amplifying the voices of passionate professionals and creatives.

After years in marketing, now driven to help individuals distill their brand narratives and share their authentic stories.

Passionate about collaborating to uncover the essence that makes each Brand stand out.

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“Brand is what it takes to stand out:

Harness your unique voice and rise above the noise.”

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From Assam to Mumbai’s Bustling Lanes: A Journey of Resilience.

Born and bred in the serene landscapes of Assam, my life took a pivotal turn when I moved to Mumbai post-marriage. Amidst the new beginnings and challenges, I carved out a niche for myself in the fashion industry, initially navigating odd jobs and eventually laying the foundation for my own venture.

However, fashion design was just the beginning. I quickly discovered my true passion: building brands from scratch. With an innate flair for crafting compelling marketing messages, I thrive on setting brands apart, ensuring they not only shine but also resonate deeply.

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