To all the Ambitious Women Entrepreneur!

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The Secrets to Start your Home Based Business in 20k.

I completely comprehend when you say “I am stuck in life”

You don’t know what’s your Calling?

You start something but cannot continue for Long

You want to earn money and become Financially independent but don’t know how?

Well, don’t worry, I was in the same exact place 3-4 years back.

To become a Women Entrepreneur, It’s Important to break some

Myths of Women Entrepreneurs-

  1. Entrepreneurship means Investing a lot of money
  2. It takes a lot of time and one has to slog really hard to build a Company
  3. We need a Professional MBA to become an Entrepreneur
  4. It’s always a Think out of box Idea and Lot of
  5. I have to compromise with my family time.


but According to me – Entrepreneurship doesn’t only mean any of the above .

The most Important is the right mindset to create and run your life as an entrepreneur in all aspects-

Being adaptable and constantly adding new skills, Evolving each day, and taking small little bold decisions in life Maybe that would be wearing any dresses, partying or may be even visiting their family..


Thinking like a Women Entrepreneur is the only way out for any one in this planet.


To Take the Responsibility of your Life? and Doesn’t wait for something major to happen in life

Rather, Everyday working and evolving as a person by investing in oneself.

Imagine at the end of 365 days, they will be a complete new person.

Do You Know,

To become a Women Entrepreneur , You don’t need a billion dollars or even 50K to start your own business. In fact, as long as you have the right mindset and a low capital investment of Rs 10 – 20 k, you are all set to get started in the journey.

I have crystallised Entrepreneurial journey in 7 easy steps-

1)Know your strength  –

Who am I, and what do I like? An important question to ask yourself. If you’re not sure of your identity or traits, how can you build a Business around YOU? Because YOU are the Business

In this entrepreneurial journey, I have seen a lot of the women not being passionate on their journey and hence. they fail . This has happened with me too,

I started my first business venture in fashion designing but honestly- I had no drive to stitch clothes for people; it didn’t work out as expected! Knowing your strength is important when starting up a new project or idea because if you know what makes YOU tick then there’ll be less risk involved. And you can very well Persuade the clients.

However, Ask yourself what’s your biggest Strength and Weakness? You will have the answer. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. For me, my strength is writing great articles that generate a lot of traffic to the website; but for you it can be different. Ask yourself what’s your TRUE Calling!

2) Understand the market –

The market is changing, and you need to know what kind of business will work best for your product. There are two kinds: Product-Based Businesses or Skill Based Services.

Before Jumping into any, The first question you need to ask yourself is “What problem am I solving?” The reason for this being that there are many markets out but who are going to be benefitted from my product or skillset.

For example -I help entrepreneurs grow digitally and my target audience are start ups, local business owners. However for people who teach maths in schools the demographic is parents that are stressed about their kids mental math performance (i.e., not being able to add or subtract). So what’s your Understanding of the Market.

3)The Categories of niches –

You can find a niche to start your blog in any industry you want, but make sure it’s an interesting and profitable one.

For example -If you can see a problem in the Food Industry and want to introduce your personal touch. Don’t wait for the Right Time, Start the creation Now. Become a Food blogger, Write amazing content and Build your presence NOW!

If it’s health that interests you, then take the plunge and work on your diet. Dominate the fitness Industry niche with creativity and adding your Unique touch.

4) Build a community  –

It is the only thing that’s going to pay you for your services and products. Hence, don’t ignore this!

Try building and understanding how people are facing in your Community.

Build communities is a long-term business success because they create loyal followers rather than ones who are occasional patrons of your products. Don’t forget about your old customers because they are worth it! Make sure you provide excellent after sales service se which is essential for your clients. Running after new clientele takes a lot of effort. Hence I can’t stress enough when I say Build a Strong community of your clients.

It’s ok to start Building Your Amazing Community starting from 10 people and gradually scaling it up to 100’s and 1000’s. Don’t be in a hurry, start it small and think long term.

Try to build the community on WhatsApp, Telegram, email and Facebook group.

5) Create your Unique Content –

The internet is a vast and diverse place, with so many different sources for information. It can sometimes be difficult to know where you should start when it comes down the research process.

Ask some Important questions – what does your company do? Who are your Customers and How are your products different from others. Articulate a Powerful Story , keep providing Amazing Value for Your Clients. Have an Intention to Serve

6) Build Your Powerful Brand –

Build your brand. Nothing can be sold unless you build a brand. Apple has been one of the best brands in history for this very reason- their branding is top notch!  You need to think yourself as an expert in marketing because people will only buy from trusted source.

However, To create a Brand story, you have to go back in time and connect the dots of your past. For me it was Marketing that was a challenge. I Started and failed due to Challenges of positioning myself , creating a story. Then, after I restarted again and build my Business from scratch to six figure businesses!

Voila! What’s your UNIQUE story, Articulate your Story and Create your MAGICAL Brand

7) Marketing and Sales (2 pillars)

We are not taught these 2 important pillars in our schools, colleges and home. These include selling which is good, Rejection and Failures which help us to become better and better each day..

In today’s competitive market, a strong marketing and sales strategy is essential if you want your business to succeed. Without them, the entrepreneur will not be able grow or expand into new markets and also generate consistent leads for themselves. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then it’s important that your business has strong marketing and sales capabilities.

Check out the Page to know more of starting your Business Digitally

To conclude –

It’s about time to take back the control of your life. You are the only one who can change it for yourself, so stop waiting and get started today!

Even Government has started the Initiative to help female Entrepreneurs generate and create more employment opportunities and live a Lifestyle of Financial Independence.

I know that sometimes we feel like there is no way out in this world where things seem impossible but the fact is You cannot grow in that comfort zone. Take charge and know your strengths ; research before committing yourself fully into anything! Build your community of people and pivot to the path of Entrepreneurship NOW!!


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