How to Start a Blog in 2022 in 7easy Steps?

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Let’s understand what blogging is & How can you start a blog from scratch

In this Digital era, people are always curious to know answers of their problems .

For all the problem that they have

They look upon Google.

For example-

1)Where can I find a good job after completing Software Engineering?

2), How do you lose 10 kgs without intensive exercise

3) I am new in blogging world so I want some information about it first

Blogging is a great form of content that provides solutions to readers’ problems.

What are the Different forms of Blogging?

Blogging can be in various forms, earlier it was written majorly but now people have started video and audio that is podcasting. The basic fundamentals remain same however form changes depending on what you want or need for your blog – if content should speak with an individual voice then personal; if travel related having videos/ pictures to share across social media platforms becomes very important as well because these posts will provide more information than just words alone about destinations visited abroad

If selling something, being able to create tutorials which teach how-to do tasks easily using whatever product(s) are being marketed helps too!

What are the 7 STEPS before you start a Blog-

1)Passion –

The most important thing when you start your own blog is to have a burning desire for it. Without that passion, nothing will be possible and achieving goals becomes much harder than planned! In my case. For me, passion was the driving force behind blogging from day one–nothing would stop me until my blog had been created! You are reading a story where I want to talk about how you can use passion as fuel. This might seem like an abstract topic but in reality, no matter what direction our stories take we need some kind of inspiration or drive for them and this makes sense when thinking back on the process from before.

2)Mindset –

The first step to any goal is establishing your mindset. You need the right frame of mind in order for it be successful and easy, which means you have two more factors that will affect how quickly or slowly a blog can earn money: Consistency & intentions towards serving readers’ needs

The time commitment required with blogging makes sure these aspects are sticking around long enough so they don’t get overlooked when considering whether this could become something big.

21 topics to Blog about in 2022

  • 1)Fashion & lifestyle
  • 2) Health & Fitness
  • 3)Food
  • 4)Blogging
  • 5)Online business
  • 6)Technology
  • 7)Personal Finance
  • 8)Photography
  • 9)Travelling
  • 10)Digital Marketing
  • 11)Youtube
  • 12) Parenting
  • 13) Gardening
  • 14) Art and Crafts
  • 15) Digital Courses
  • 16) Film making
  • 17) Pets
  • 18) Productivity
  • 19) Gaming
  • 20) Gadgets
  • 21) Cryptocurrency.

In order to be a successful blogger, you need not only know how your blog functions but also what problems it’s intended for. Being able to understand and identify these issues will make all the difference in helping readers find solutions that meet their needs!

3) Domain and Hosting –

You may think to start your blog for FREE, but let me tell you one thing and this is a critical point – treat business like it actually matters. No inflow = no outflow!

When I first started blogging my mindset was to start a blog with investing in domain and hosting and immediately I got one. Because I treat Business like a Business. Invest and you will get the return.  For so many years I had zero revenue coming in at all times from posts on social media or ads online but now I have started making some money. But, As I have made lot of poor decision, I always believe I could have started writing a blog long back, which I didn’t. I really don’t want people to go through the same. Start blogging Right Now!

To buy a hosting, buy from Namecheap, because after trying a lot , I have found this the best one.

& for Hosting, Buy from Hostinger , because it’s one of the best.

4) Organising your Content –

The key to blogging is consistency. You need at least two blogs per week in order for people not only see that you’re still out here but also because of how important this hobby can be! It might seem like a daunting task trying find keywords, or anything else related with your content creation process; however – don’t worry about it just yet 😉 Get into the game by writing as much stuff down then refine from there when necessary I’m sure by next month everything will start making sense again 🙂

5) SEO friendly –

The way we post on social media and search engines are changing. In this fast-paced world, information is bombarded from all directions with no time to stop for even a second – yet ranking well in google can be crucial if you want basic knowledge about what’s happening around us! Here are some basics:

1)The headline should catch attention but not hook without giving away too much of your content; 2) Keywords have become very important because people will only see them when they type their searches or click links within articles that offer more info.,  3) The speed at which our website loads matters less now than before due it being so easily accessible by everyone via smartphones

6)Monetise the Blog-

If you’re a blogger, then surely the only goal is to make money. But where do all these advertisements come from? It turns out we have 4 different ways for bloggers like yourself monetize their content with ease! We’ll take this in order:

Google AdSense  – This allows users to place ads on websites and earn money when someone clicks them or transitions along your webpage without having any additional coding knowledge necessary.

Selling Products & Services- There are many ways that people can sell their own products and services, such as food-related items or courses in coaching programs. Promoting these types of offers will help increase the amount one earns by advertising them on social media platforms.

7)Promote content everywhere

Want to make sure people know your existence? Share the word, on mediums like Facebook, Instagram, medium, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter. A person’s reaction to your content will depend on two factors-

1)How well you promote that specific piece of information,

and 2), there has got be some type of advertisement if we want them coming back again.

Read the blogs. To understand more

A conclusion –

There are tons of opportunities in the digital industry for those who want to start their journey!

If you’re a beginner like me, then there’s no better time than now. There is so much content out on these platforms that it would be crazy not have any credibility whatsoever if we don’t write something meaningful and interesting- which will hopefully keep our readers hooked until next week’s post !

Never give up on your voice! And lastly, a piece of advice: don’t be afraid if others judge or mock what you have to say. Creativity should always find space within society- keep writing and raising the volume against all odds.”

Read the blogs to start learning more about the Digital World.

1) How many post should we write to make a post reachable?
When you are commencing 2 posts should be written each week, If not 2, 1 post every single week is the minimum to get started in the journey of Blogging. And the Word count should be more than 1000 to get started.

2)How much time it takes to monetise a blog?
Consistency is the key, I took 1 year to monetise, For you it can be six months or may be 1 year to start with monetisation.

Feel free to share the post, ask questions related to the above mentioned post. I would surely like to answer your Questions.


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